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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a flattening yield curve mean?

Yields move inversely to prices. A steepening curve typically signals expectations of stronger economic activity, higher inflation, and higher interest rates. A flattening curve can mean the opposite: investors expect rate hikes in the near term and have lost confidence in the economy's growth outlook.

Is the flattening yield curve a cause for concern?

The markets tend to worry that flattening yield curves mean we're hurtling toward recession. "A flatter yield curve hurts bank profits, stability, and willingness to lend. Also, a flatter yield curve is viewed as a sign of upcoming weakness," said Bob Johnson, Morningstar's director of economic analysis.

Why is the yield curve flattening?

The reason why a flat yield curve threatens TD’s U.S. business is because it puts pressure on margins. Banks borrow from the Federal Reserve at rates that are related to short-term Treasury yields. They lend at rates that are related to long-term Treasury yields.

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