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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an inverted yield curve really mean?

What an inverted yield curve really means is that most investors believe that short-term interest rates are going to fall sharply at some point in the future. As a practical matter, recessions usually cause interest rates to fall. Inverted yield curves are almost always followed by recessions.

What the flattening yield curve could mean for stocks?

The flattening yield curve signals concern that the Federal Reserve could be hitting the brakes on the economy so hard that it inadvertently puts the United States into another recession. Stocks tumbled on Tuesday after the yield curve narrowed to nearly the smallest point since before the Great Recession.

Is a flat yield curve bad?

Why Is Flat Yield Curve Bad For Banks? The yield curve flatters the risk-taking process for wholesale banks, which may result in greater risk-taking. In the event of flattening yield curves, wholesale banks’ net asset values and NIMs will be lower.

Why is the yield curve so flat?

Truth is that the yield curve flattens when the Fed is hiking rates. The reasons are pretty simple. The Fed directly sets overnight rates. While that overnight rate influences all other rates, it logically has a greater influence on shorter rates than longer rates.

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