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Frequently Asked Questions

How to export GEDCOM from Family Tree Maker?

Family Tree Maker 2006 Open the Family View page, click on FILE / EXPORT FILE / ENTIRE FILE Once you have done this, you will need to specify a destination folder for the file to be exported to, for example My Documents or Desktop. You should also name the GEDCOM at this point, using a filename that you can easily recognise.

How do I import my GEDCOM?

Your GEDCOM file can be imported in three ways: 1. When you sign up for Geni - simply choose "Import a GEDCOM file" when you start your tree: Note: Do not start a tree as someone other than yourself! If you want to import a GEDCOM for someone other than yourself, see choices 2 and 3 below. 2.

Can You import GEDCOM into Geni?

You may also import a GEDCOM file into a new branch, or merge it into any profile that you can edit and add onto. Note: Because an import may bring thousands of duplicate profiles that already exist on Geni, the import process will guide you through importing a limited number of ancestor and descendant generations.

Can I upload my GEDCOM tree to my family tree?

Your GEDCOM is downloaded to your files. If you already have a GEDCOM file, you can upload it to your Family Tree. It is important to note that when you upload a GEDCOM file the information in the file will replace any information you currently have on your Family Tree. How do I upload my GEDCOM file to my Family Tree? Go to your Family Tree.

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