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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Express use?

Express.js is a framework used for Node and it is most commonly used as a web application for node js. Express is just a module framework for Node that you can use for applications that are based on server/s that will "listen" for any input/connection requests from clients.

What is 'express replacement service'?

Express Replacement Service is a benefit of your AppleCare+ coverage. We can send you a replacement iPhone right away and include packaging to return your damaged or non-working product. Contact Apple to make an Express Replacement Service request.

What is express ID?

ID Express is a debit account that is accessed with your Ithaca College ID card. An ID Express account gives you a convenient, easy, and safe way to make purchases on campus. And it's better than a credit card because with prepaid deposits you don't have finance charges or bills at the end of the month.

What is express registration?

Express registration is a quick way to register online for classes. Express registration is used only if you know your 6 digit reg# and term and meet eConnect eligibility requirements. Reg# is an abbreviation for registration number.

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