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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods are high in proteolytic enzymes?


Are protease and trypsin the same thing?

is that protease is (enzyme) an enzyme that cuts or cleaves proteins while trypsin is a digestive enzyme that cleaves peptide bonds (a serine protease). (enzyme) An enzyme that cuts or cleaves proteins. A digestive enzyme that cleaves peptide bonds (a serine protease).

What is protease good for?

Proteases provide immune support and regulate the process of tumour growth, metastasis, inflammation, etc. They may help in wound healing and muscle soreness. Here is the list of some of the important protease enzymes and their functions: Present in pancreatic juice.

Can protease break down other enzymes?

Yes, proteases can play a role in recycling enzymes and other proteins. Also proteases also specifically process proteins to convert them to an active form. Yes of course. But we have to remember that proteases refers to a group of enzymes, there is not just one protease enzyme that breaks down all proteins.

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