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Frequently Asked Questions

What is digdigest type in DNS?

Digest type: Algorithm used to create the digest of a DNSKEY record. It’s also called digest algorithm, digest hash, or digest hash function. Digest: Hashed value of the DNSKEY record that uniquely identifies it and doesn't expose the value of the key. Based on the digest type, the length can be: Sign in to Google Domains.

What are the allowed algorithms in DNSSEC?

Each allowed algorithm in DNSSEC has a specified number. Algorithm 13 is ECDSA with a P-256 curve using SHA-256. 2 - Digest Type, or the hash function that was used to generate the digest from the public key. The long string at the end is the Digest, or the hash of the public key.

What is dndnssec and how does it work?

DNSSEC adds an authentication layer to an otherwise insecure DNS infrastructure. It guarantees that visitors are directed to your web server when they type your domain into a web browser, thus avoiding man-in-the-middle attacks and other types of DNS forgeries.

What are the two types of keys used by DNSSEC?

Keys used by DNSSEC There are two types of keys that are used by DNSSEC: · The zone signing key (ZSK) - is used to sign and validate the individual record sets within the zone. · The key signing key (KSK) - is used to sign the DNSKEY records in the zone.

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