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Frequently Asked Questions

What year did Dionne Warwick cover the Love Boat?

In 1981, Jacques Raymond released a cover of the song which peaked at no. 27 in his native Belgium the following year. Dionne Warwick's version was used as the theme song in the last season of The Love Boat (1985–1986).

Who is Dionne Warwick?

Washington National Opera Dionne Warwick Scintillating, soothing and sensual best describe the familiar and legendary voice of five-time Grammy Award winning music legend, DIONNE WARWICK, who has become a cornerstone of American pop music and culture.

How many times did Florence Henderson appear on 'Love Boat'?

The iconic "Love Boat" theme song was recorded by Jack Jones and released as a hit single in 1979. It was replaced for the ninth and tenth seasons by a cover version sung by Dionne Warwick. 7. 'Brady Bunch connection Florence Henderson appeared eight times — always as a different character.

Who created the Love Boat franchise?

Prolific 1970s TV producer Wilford Lloyd Baumes developed The Love Boat franchise from The Love Boats, a 1974 memoir by Jeraldine Saunders, who wrote of her years working as a cruise director on some very large ships. The show captured the spirit of Saunders' book, what with characters flitting in and out of the lives of cruise ship employees.

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