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Frequently Asked Questions

Which system of equations is consistent and dependent?

System “D” is a “Consistent” linear system because there is at least one solution. System “D” is a “Dependent” system because the second equation can be derived from the first equation.

What's is consistent independent system of equations?

Systems of equations can be classified by the number of solutions. If a system has at least one solution, it is said to be consistent . If a consistent system has exactly one solution, it is independent . If a consistent system has an infinite number of solutions, it is dependent .

What is the definition of dependent system?

A system of equations is two or more equations that are solved simultaneously, while a dependent system of linear equations are equations that form a straight line on a graph. A dependent system of linear equations has an infinite number of solutions. Any solution that satisfies one equation will also satisfy the other.

What is dependent system in Algebra?

The lines are actually the same line, and they 'cross' at infinitely many points (every point on the line). In this case, there are infinitely many solutions and the system is called dependent . If you try to solve this system algebraically, you'll end up with something that's true, such as 0 = 0.

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