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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a crystal-infused water bottle?

If you are going to use a crystal-infused bottle, be sure the crystals are in a separate chamber and don’t touch the water. Check that the company doesn’t use adhesive, glue, or wire to secure the crystal in place. If you want to get the most out of your crystal-infused water bottle, it’s important to follow the instructions provided.

What is a crystal bottle?

Placing a crystal in a bottle returns its stored energy to the water you consume. Each crystal possesses specific abilities, such as reducing stress, enhancing creativity, harmonizing emotions, etc. "Gem Bottle" is one of these crystal bottles that utilizes the healing power of crystal.

Are crystal-infused water bottles the status symbol of 2018?

Crystal-infused water bottles. It began a few years ago when Vanity Fair proclaimed the water bottles would be THE status symbol of 2018. Since then, celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, and Miranda Kerr, have all sung their praises.

Is a quartz crystal water bottle worth it?

Gem Bottle Reviews - Unique Quartz Crystal Water Bottles Worth It? A Gem Bottle is ideal whether you're attempting to enhance your health or reduce your environmental footprint. The creators of Gem Bottle proclaim it provides remarkable health benefits.

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