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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the purpose of creep?

Creep feeding is a method of supplementing the diet of young livestock, primarily in beef calves, by offering feed to animals who are still nursing. Creep feed is sometimes offered to swine, but it is impossible with companion grazing animals such as sheep and goats.

What is a creep caused by?

Creep can also be caused by the expansion of materials such as clay when they are exposed to water. Clay expands when wet, then contracts after drying. The expansion portion pushes downhill, then the contraction results in consolidation at the new offset.

What are the effects of creep?

The slow, often imperceptible downslope movement of soil or other debris is called creep. Because creep moves materials so slowly, it is difficult to discern directly. Observation of the effects of creep, such as bent trees, tilted fences, and cracked walls, usually leads to identification of the problem.

What is the definition of creep?

Definition of creep (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a movement of or like creeping traffic moving at a creep. 2 : a distressing sensation like that caused by the creeping of insects over one's flesh especially : a feeling of apprehension or horror —usually used in plural with the That gives me the creeps.

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