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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between conconcept2's slides and dynamic rowerg?

Concept2 offers two options for this: Slides and the Dynamic RowErg. How do they compare? We describe these types of training as “dynamic” because they better simulate the dynamics of rowing a boat on the water, where the rower is heavier than the boat, so the boat moves around the rower's mass.

What are Concept2's SkiErg and BikeErg?

When you think of Concept2, you might immediately think of rowing equipment. That’s understandable because of its success with its rower machines, but the company has launched two interesting pieces of cardio equipment that everyone serious about getting fit should own: the SkiErg and BikeErg. What are these machines?

What is the difference between the slide and the rowerg?

If you already own a Model C, D or E, the Slide is an affordable and flexible way to try dynamic rowing. The Dynamic RowErg commits you to rowing dynamically all the time. The feel is a bit more refined: the mass of the footrest feels more like rowing a single than the weight of the Model D (57 lb).

What is the difference between a fixed and dynamic ERG?

The dynamics of how the mass of the machine and athlete move, therefore, are a bit different even though the same rowing stroke is used. The same stroke sequence, power application and technique are used no matter what machine you’re on. Slides are a popular option because they are an easy way to convert your fixed erg into a dynamic erg.

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