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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any color names that start with 'E'?

Several others have been mentioned by other answerers. Emerald, ecru, earth, ebony, electric blue, electric yellow, eggshell, eggplant, eagle green, Egyptian blue, Eucalyptus, Eminence, Eerie Black, Exhaust and Eton blue. There are more “electric” colors, but it really is just a brighter value of a different color, such as pink.

What is a creamy color that starts with E?

Colors often considered "shades of white" include cream, eggshell, ivory, Navajo white, and vanilla. Even the lighting of a room, however, can cause a pure white to be perceived as off-white. Off-white colors were pervasively paired with beiges in the 1930s, and especially popular again from roughly 1955 to 1975.

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