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Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are good with grey?

This will give you a good starting point to work from when trying to match your grey — if it’s yellow, don’t go with a blue, choose a green or a red. Likewise, if it’s more of a blue undertone, you’re safe with blue-spectrum colors: navy, royal, turquoise, bluer purples.

What colors go well with grey in a home?

White fits well with an assortment of colors, including gray. Contrary to black-matching rules, select dark gray garments to pair with white pieces to ensure contrast. Wear gray pants or a skirt with a white top to draw attention up and bring the focus onto your face.

What colors mix with grey?

Gray colors. ArtRage study. An effective way to mix grey is to mix together red, blue , yellow and white and you will get a whole range of beautiful greys, known as tertiary greys. These are much more subtle than black/white greys, which are cold and lifeless. Greys can be cool, or warm, depending on the proportions of red,...

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