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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a business license in Sacramento?

The city of Sacramento does not require a business license to operate a business in their city. They do however have a business operation tax (BOT) that each business owner needs to apply for and be issued.

Why is Sacramento the capital of California?

The Capital of California. According to the California State Capitol Museum, Sacramento became the official capital of California in 1854. The decision to make Sacramento the capital did not come without a fight, however. Oakland, San Jose, Berkeley and Monterey all tried (unsuccessfully) to get the coveted capital city title in the following years.

Is Sacramento a good city to live in?

Sacramento is a great place to live. One of the best things about living in California is the favorable ratio of income to cost of living. The city's average annual income is higher than the national average. Even though the city is mainly known for its close proximity to interesting destinations like San Francisco, it has much more to offer.

What is the ZIP code for Sacramento California?

NORTH SACRAMENTO Zip Code (CA) The Zipcode for North Sacramento is 95815 . North Sacramento is in Sacramento, California in the Pacific West region of the USA. It is located about 3 miles northeast of CA's capital city of Sacramento.

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