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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the China Times?

The China Times is a daily english newspaper covering Chinese social, business and economic topics, as well as international political issues.

Is the China Times biased?

Since China Times was bought by the pro-China Taiwanese businessman tycoon Tsai Eng-Meng, head of Want Want Holdings Limited, in 2008, the Times has veered into an editorial stance more sympathetic to the positions of the Communist Party of China. It has since been criticized of being "very biased" in favor of positive news about China.

What to say in China on the first day of 2022?

China's five-starred red flags raised across country on first day of 2022, ... The first day of 2022 is brimming with blessings and joy, as five-starred red flags of China were raised across ... Taikonauts hold ground-space talk with students from Beijing, HK, Macao, sparking patriotism, ... "Happy New Year!"

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