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Frequently Asked Questions

What is China News Service (CNS)?

China News Service is the second-largest news agency in China, behind Xinhua, which the State Department designated in February. The State Department also designated that month China Daily Distribution Corporation, an arm of China’s official English-language newspaper, and China Radio International.

Is China’s political reach a concern to foreign intelligence agencies?

Top officials have in the past cited China’s political reach as a concern. Richard Moore, chief of MI6, the country’s foreign intelligence service, said in a speech in November that the agency’s “single greatest priority” was adapting to a world where China’s power is rising.

How many Chinese state-run news organizations has the US designated as 'Foreign Missions?

The move brings to nine the total number of Chinese state-run news organizations that the State Department has designated with that label. China will most likely retaliate. The headquarters of China Central Television in Beijing. The State Department classified the organization and three others operating in the United States as “foreign missions.”

How many foreign news bureaus does Xinhua have?

Xinhua operates more than 170 foreign news bureaus worldwide and maintains 31 bureaus in China, one for each province, autonomous region and directly administered municipality, in addition to a military bureau.

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