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Frequently Asked Questions

How many community colleges are in the Charlotte area?

There are 1 community colleges within the Charlotte city limits and 10 community colleges within a 50 mile radius. If you're looking for a large school, Central Piedmont Community College enrolls the most students. In terms of cost, South Piedmont Community College offers the lowest in-state tuition for community colleges in the Charlotte area.

What are the closest colleges to Charlotte NC?

There are 34 community and junior colleges within 100 miles of Charlotte. Located in North Carolina with a population of 731,424, the closest colleges are ranked by distance from Charlotte. The nearest college is Central Piedmont Community College at a distance of 0.6 miles from Charlotte center.

What are the best community colleges in North Carolina to attend?

1 Central Piedmont Community College. Alum: Central Piedmont Community College is, in my opinion, the greatest choice for a school to get an Associate's Degree. 2 Gaston College. Freshman: I have had a very good experience with Gaston College so far. They offer great programs that everyone can get a chance at. 3 York Technical College

Why do you want to attend Carolinas College of Health Sciences?

I love attending Carolinas College of Health Sciences because of the awesome programs they offer and the support of the instructors. It takes more than the instructors to have a great experience such....

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