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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the California Franchise Tax Board fee?

If you are starting a business in California you may be surprised to learn that California business entities must pay a minimum franchise tax to the state each year - even if the business is inactive or loses money. At $800 , the annual tax fee can feel like a lot of money to a cash-strapped startup.

What is a LLC in California?

California LLC: Definition and Overview. A California LLC is a Limited Liability Company. An LLC is not a corporation; however, this business model does share certain characteristics with corporations and partnerships. Limited liability companies are popular with California business owners because, like corporations,...

What is LLC form?

The LLC Form of Business. The limited liability company form of business provides insulation to the owners of the company from creditors just as incorporating does. Also, LLC formation is similar to forming a corporation in that Articles are filed with a regulatory office of the state.

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