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Frequently Asked Questions

How to search for an LLC in California?

How to search your California LLC name Go to the CA Secretary of State: Business Entities Search page. Select “LP/LLC Name” and run a few searches. Leave out the designator (ex: “LLC”) when doing searches. Leave out punctuation like commas, periods, apostrophes, etc. Don’t worry about uppercase or ...

How do I register a limited liability company in California?

For more information about registering a limited liability company, you can call the Secretary of State's Limited Liability Company Unit at (916) 653-3365, or visit their Website at:

What is the limited liability company annual tax in California?

The limited liability company annual tax is $800. To be subject to the tax, the limited liability company must, for a least one day during the year, be: Registered with the California Secretary of State. "Doing Business" is defined as actively engaging in any transaction for the purpose of financial gain or profit.

What are the LLC name rules in California?

If you’re confused by the LLC name rules, you can call the California Secretary of State – LLC Department at 916-653-3794. As per Section 21005.5 of the California Code of Regulations, your desired LLC name must be distinguishable (unique) upon the records of the California Secretary of State. LLC name distinguishability has many components.

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