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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the California LLC tax deductible on a personal return?

Is the California LLC Tax ($800) and/or LLC Fee ($900+) Deductible on Personal Return (SMLLC disregarded)? According to information available on the Internal Revenue Service's website, the answer is yes.

Is the $800 franchise fee tax deductible for California LLCs?

When filing a California LLC tax return, the $800 franchise fee is not deductible. The franchise fee of $800 is due for the taxable year and must be paid by day 15 of the fourth month. There are differences between an LLC, C corporation, and an S corporation when it comes to self-employment tax.

What is the LLC fee in California?

This tax, also known as the LLC fee, is required in exchange for the privilege of operating in California. This additional tax burden only applies to LLCs in the state. The gross receipts tax amount is based on the revenue of the LLC: $0 to $249,999 Gross Revenue = no gross receipts tax required

Is the $800 LLC tax deductible on the state return?

Yes, but the $800 LLC tax is deductible on the Federal return but is not deductible on the State return. How do you stop it being used in the State Return if you include it as an expense on the Federal return? You can deduct CA LLC Tax under Taxes and Licenses,...

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