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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Maxson do in the Brotherhood of steel?

With Maxson's achievement came leadership and promotion to a provisional elder. Though young, Maxson was ready to lead and reunite the fragmented Brotherhood of Steel forces on the East Coast. He proved his ability in 2283, when he brokered a peace with the Brotherhood Outcasts, re-integrating them into the Brotherhood of Steel.

Who was the founder of the Brotherhood of steel?

Let us forge a Brotherhood of Steel. ” — Formation of the Brotherhood of Steel High Elder Roger Maxson (service number 072389) was a captain in the United States Army and the founder of the Brotherhood of Steel, serving as its first high elder after the Great War.

What is the Brotherhood of steel in Fallout?

The faction has featured in one form or another in every Fallout game. The Brotherhood of Steel is a quasi- religious technocratic military order, founded in the immediate aftermath of the Great War by members of the United States Armed Forces and the government -sponsored scientific community.

Who is elder Maxson?

Kells: "Elder Maxson is the supreme commander of the Brotherhood. Without his tenacity and his vision, we'd still be a small group of complacent stragglers occupying the Citadel in the Capital Wasteland. In a mere decade, he's grown the Brotherhood of Steel into a major military force.

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