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Frequently Asked Questions

Can strangers tell you if you're having a girl or a boy?

You’ve probably had strangers stop you on the street, convinced they can tell you whether you’re having a girl or a boy just by looking at you. This gender predictor quiz is based on several of those “wives tales” that have been used for generations to guess the gender of your baby.

How do you know if a baby is male or female?

Here's another test you might want to try, if you are curious to find the baby's gender. It’s an old wives tale that mixing your urine with drain cleaner will show the sex of the baby. Bluish yellow means it’s a boy and greenish brown means it’s a girl.

What are some old wives' tales for Predicting gender?

12 old wives' tales for predicting gender 1 Sweet versus salty cravings. 2 The garlic test. 3 Morning sickness. 4 Pregnancy glow, or no. 5 Partner’s weight gain. 6 Moody versus mellow. 7 The eye test. 8 Carrying high versus low. 9 The ring test. 10 Heart rate. More items...

Are old Wives' Tales right all the time?

Even the best old wives’ tales aren’t right all the time, so take these results with an entertaining grain of salt. Filed Under: Pregnancy Quiz Reader Interactions Comments Siphiwesays

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