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Frequently Asked Questions

What is booksy Biz pro?

Booksy Biz Pro is our full-featured solution designed to help you manage the growing needs of your business from the front desk. What’s new? A lot. What’s better?

What is booksy?

Booksy is an online appointment and schedule management app for health and beauty service providers. Both personal care businesses and their clients can enjoy the simplicity of booking and managing appointments with the mobile application.

How do I download booksy Biz?

Download Booksy Biz Lite from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Booksy Biz Pro is available via mobile, tablet, and on the web. It’s perfect for businesses with a front desk, multiple staff members, or even multiple locations. Keep in mind that some Pro features are only accessible from a tablet or via the web.

What is booksy Biz for hair salons?

Booksy Biz is an appointment scheduling app for hair salons, nail salons, barbers, and other appointment-based businesses. Take online bookings, manage your calendar, and grow your business - all in one place. We help you do more, better. Here’s what you get with Booksy Biz:

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