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Frequently Asked Questions

What is booksy pricing?

Booksy Pricing - the mobile solution for your business. Booksy for business pricing - Learn what you and your clients can gain with Booksy's easy-to-use mobile app and features. Appointments made easy. This website uses cookies to give you an awesome, catered user experience.

What are the features of booksy superb?

Superb features even social media self service facility available. Managing all Booking and servicing made easy with booksy also the best part is can link with Booksy's app from which customer's leads can be generated. Superb features even social media self service facility available.

What is the booksy appointment service?

Booksy makes appointment booking easy, and is great for discovering new local businesses, or broadening your search nationwide! Once you’ve found a business that caught your eye, you can conveniently book an appointment with them, 24/7!

Is booksy only for customers like me?

But Booksy isn’t just for customers like yourself - the system is also used by the service providers, which helps them run and manage their business more effectively. Whether you’re looking for a local hairdresser, barber, beautician, podiatrist, massage therapist, spa or aesthetician, you’ll find thousands of options in Booksy!

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