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Frequently Asked Questions

What is booksy?

Booksy is a beauty marketplace for finding, scheduling, and managing appointments, anchored by a SaaS App for business management. It creates a convenient and easy connection between customers and their health and beauty providers while utilizing everyone’s favorite can’t-live-without accessory – their cell phone.

What is a booksy profile?

Unique Booksy Profile: Your Booksy Profile is like your virtual business card. Both new and existing clients can find your menu of services, view your portfolio, and book appointments with you 24/7.

What do I get when I sign up for booksy?

When you sign up for Booksy here's what you get: Booksy Biz: Choose the solution that best suits your needs. For a breakdown on these two versions, visit our Knowledge Base .

What's new in booksy Biz pro?

Stats & Reports: Booksy Biz Pro comes with 20+ new reports to help you keep tabs on your business, make informed decisions, and make your accountant happy. Inventory*: Offer your customers the products they need to supplement the services they love.

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