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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bookshare content available in India?

Bookshare content available in India under Section 52 (1) (zb) of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957 is provided by Benetech in its capacity as third party agent to Daisy Forum of India, an organization authorized under that Section to make copyrighted works available in accessible formats to individuals with qualifying disabilities.

What is a Bookshare® membership?

With a Bookshare® membership, you can access the world's largest collection of accessible ebooks. You may be eligible for a free 1-year Bookshare subscription thanks to the generous support of the Lavelle Fund for the Blind and the Oak Foundation.

How can Bookshare help the disabled community?

Bookshare is one of very few resources for the disability community, especially if they do not speak English. With Bookshare, I was able to be the first blind student admitted to the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Tamaulipas. Before Bookshare, I read just enough to pass my tests in school. That all changed when I found Bookshare.

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