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Frequently Asked Questions

How many New Testament cards do you put in the Bible?

For New Testament, use four from the Gospels and eight from Letters. Also include one card for Acts and one for Revelation. The kids will take turns turning over two cards. For example, if both cards are from Old Testament History, the player will take these cards without making any further moves.

How do you play the Book of Genesis in order?

Get in Order – – Give each player a card and have them stand in the order that those books would be found in the Bible. As an added challenge, try to name the books between the cards. Memory Match – -Place all the Old Testament book cards (or all the New Testament book cards) on the table face down in rows.

How do you play Bible cards games with kids?

A very popular game with the kids is to put all 66 books of the Bible cards face down on the floor. Form two teams, assigning one team the Old Testament and the other team the New Testament. The object is to retrieve all the cards for the appropriate testament and put them in correct order on a table. Each team is timed.

Are there any free bingo cards for the Bible?

Books of the Bible Bingo cards. This FREE printable includes instructions, call cards, and 12 Bingo cards to practice the books of the Bible. Using visual cue cards, rather than just calling out the name of the book, helps younger students, who can match the image, even if they cannot read yet.

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