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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Forgotten Books of the Bible?

The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden (1926) is a collection of 17th-century and 18th-century English translations of some Old Testament Pseudepigrapha and New Testament Apocrypha, some of which were assembled in the 1820s, and then republished with the current title in 1926.

What are the seven books of the Bible?

These 7 books are Tobit, Judith, Baruch, Wisdom, Sirach, First Maccabees, and Second Maccabees, as well as additional verses of Daniel and Esther. These books are called the “deuterocanon”, or second canon, by Catholics, and the “apocrypha”, or hidden/obscure, by Protestants (Christians who protest against the Catholic Church).

How do you learn the books of the Bible?

When you read the books that have a number in front of them, read them as first and second and so on. For instance, the last few books of the New Testament would be read with these exact words: "First and Second Peter, First, Second and Third John, Jude, and Revelation.".

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