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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Bible games to play?

Books of the Bible Games. 1 Bible Bingo. This Bible Bingo game is uniquely designed to help players become more familiar with the various books and sections of the Bible. Each ... 2 Bible Swaparoo. 3 Bible Train. 4 Books of the Bible Memory Game. 5 Bible Clothesline. More items

How do you make a Bible reading game for kids?

Take turns rolling the dice. As children roll the dice, they should name as many books of the Bible as the number that shows up on the dice. challenge the group to name books in order all working together with each player adding on the next set of books Have all of the kids stand up in a line in the middle of the room.

How do you play the card game Bible Quiz?

Each child should take one card and hold it face down. On the count of 3, everyone should turn over their card. Whoever’s book is closest to the end of the Bible gets a point. Keep playing until one player has 3 points and declare them the winner. Then, work together to quote all of the books of the Bible in order.

How do you play Bible Book bingo with kids?

Bible Book Bingo. For this game, you can use two sets of cards, or write the names of each book on a strip of paper instead of using a second set. Give each child nine books of the Bible cards. Have the children lay their cards face up in front of them in three rows of three cards.

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