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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I put my book on Google Books?

Sign into the Google Books Partner Program using the link to the partner program listed in the Sources section to submit a book. Provide information about your books in the form toward the bottom half of the webpage. Provide the author's name, the title and the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

How do you read books on Google?

The Best Way to Read Books in Google Book Search. Go to Google Book Search and search for a book. Or find a book in this great gallery of banned books. Look for a search result that shows either a "limited preview" or "full view". If there's a link that says "first page" next to your favorite result, click on this link.

How do you add books to Google Books?

Add a single book. If you have a large number of books you'd like to submit at one time, please read the instructions for adding multiple books. Sign in to the Partner Center at Go to the Book Catalog. Click the Add book button. Enter the ISBN, if your book has one. You can enter either the 10-digit or 13-digit ISBN.

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