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Frequently Asked Questions

What are multi city flights?

Multi city flights refers to a flight ticket with multiple flight destinations. A traveler can add extra legs with stopovers to get to more than a single destination. Multi stop flights are the best way to combine multiple trips into one.

Is it difficult to find the best price for multi-city flights?

It can be difficult enough finding the best possible price for a single destination flight so when it comes to searching multi-city flights, we're here to make the process as simple as possible.

Where can I find the best deals on multi-stop flights?

1.) Opodo Multi City Opodo is one of the biggest European travel agencies offering truly competitive prices on international multiple destination trips. Their search compares over 500 airlines and can sometimes find the best deal for your route. 2.) Expedia multi stop

Does Skyscanner have a multi city search?

Skyscanner multi flights Skyscanner has recently launched their own unique multi city flight search. It searches multiple sites simultaneously but does not always come up with the best price. You would be best advised to click a few other links on the results page to be sure your not spending more than you have to on your flights.

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