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Frequently Asked Questions

How can BookingBuddy help you?

Details: Get discounts on Hotels, Vacations, Flights, Cruises & Rental Cars! Details: Skip the hassle and stress of reserving a vehicle for your next trip by using BookingBuddy. Easily compare different sites, get last-minute car rental deals and relax thanks to the Best Price Guarantee.

How do I enter a promo code on booking Buddy?

Simply enter your departure and destination airports, dates, and the number of passengers traveling into the Booking Buddy website to easily search for the best deals on your flights and hotels. Once you’ve found the package that’s right for you, continue to the booking page and enter your promo code where prompted.

Where can I find double-digit active and available BookingBuddy coupons?

Find double-digit active and available deals on BookingBuddy products at Always start here before shopping online at How Many BookingBuddy Coupons are Available and Active?

What does the price point on BookingBuddy mean?

The price point featured on BookingBuddy is the average price of all hotels searched within the city by the site's users within the last two weeks for travel dates beginning on or after today's date and extending through any number of nights.

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