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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to find cheap flights?

Find low airfare using the Orbitz travel search website. This website maintains airfare information on most of the major airlines so that you can compare and find the lowest fare available on your date. Search one day before and after your dates or enter the number of days for a flexible search as a way to get a deal on your airfare cost.

What is airline fare classes tell you about your ticket?

Your fare class also tells you whether your ticket is upgradeable and where you may stand in the upgrade priority line. In case things go wrong or you need to make a change, knowing your fare class can tell you if your ticket is refundable and if any change fees are required, and it can help you plan your strategy for making changes before talking to the airlines.

When do flight prices drop?

The Flight Pricing Cycle. If you want to take advantage of the drops that occur on Monday night, the best time to check fare prices is Tuesday morning. Thursdays are the days to avoid purchasing a ticket. On this day, the markups happen; many airlines routinely tack on as much as $10 per purchased ticket.

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