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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Blick Art Materials?

All locations are owned and operated by BLICK Art Materials, family-owned and serving artists since 1911.

Where can I buy art supplies in Columbus?

Visit the Columbus BLICK store and shop a wide assortment of art supplies, craft supplies, and unique gift items. We have the greatest selection for professional artists, educators, and students alike – and it’s all available at your area art supply store.

What can you buy at Cleveland Heights Blick?

Visit the Cleveland Heights BLICK store located in Cleveland Heights, OH. Shop a wide assortment of art supplies, craft supplies and unique gift items. We also carry specialty products such as limited edition pens, brush pens, markers, stationery, and an extensive line of printmaking papers and book binding supplies.

Why buy from Blick?

"Blick consistently delivers outstanding quality and value! As a professional artist, I need to do business with companies that offer great prices with excellent service and Blick always delivers both. It's easy and convenient to order what I need, my art supplies arrive on time, well packaged, and with the correct items.

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