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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Blick do?

A long-time advocate of art education in the U.S., Blick also provides support to scholastic, collegiate, and professional art shows, both financially and through a variety of materials that emphasize the benefits of art education.

Who is Blick Art Materials?

Founded in Galesburg, Illinois, in 1911, Blick Art Materials ( is the largest and oldest provider of art supplies in the United States with more than 65 retail stores nationwide.

Where can I find special offers for Blick products?

You can find special offers in a Blick catalog as well. To get one, all you’ll have to do is enter your address, and you’ll begin to receive them. Or you can download a free PDF.

What is Blick and where does it come from?

Where does blick come from? The origins of blick as a slur for black people with very dark skin is unclear. It originates in the UK at least by the early 2000s, recorded in Urban Dictionary by 2004. The term appears to mock how someone with a Caribbean or South African accent would pronounce black —and thereby slur those people themselves.

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