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Frequently Asked Questions

Who made the map of Europe?

The Rand-McNally new library atlas map of Europe / Rand-McNally. This gorgeous map of Europe was originally produced in 1912 by Rand McNally and Company. Questions about the Historic Map - Europe - 1912?

What is a blank map of Europe?

A Blank Map of Europe is required when somebody intends to study the geographical features of Europe. Students and researchers consider referring to a blank map of Europe as their best option for learning. In fact, learners can assess themselves and verify their learning ability by going through a well-defined blank map of Europe.

What format are the maps of Europe in?

The files are in PDF format, so you can download, save and print all the maps. Our first map of Europe blank shows the European countries with their international borders. Please note that Turkey and Russia only partly belong to the geographical continent of Europe. Both countries are included in the map anyway.

How can I use this Europe map outline?

This Europe map outline could be very useful to draw the European mountain ranges or rivers into the map. As reference materials, check out our map of European rivers or a Europe mountains map. For example, students of the geography of Europe could try to mark the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Apennines or the Carpathian mountains in the map.

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