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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you like quizzes on Bing?

A lot of people love quizzes because they can learn something new, have fun and be entertained while doing it. Now on Bing, you can get a new type of quiz that can give you a lot of information about the news and important topics in the world. So, are you a quiz lover? Do you like to learn new facts? Then this is for you!

What is Bing's weekly trends quiz?

An addition you may have noticed over the past few months is the weekly trends quiz, which is published in the Popular Now carousel—that strip of images at the bottom of the Bing homepage— every Friday. That’s when you can test your news smarts and see how closely you’ve been following Popular Now on the homepage during the week.

What are Bing Rewards quizzes?

Launched in January of 2015, Bing Rewards quizzes were the signal we needed to continue experimenting with targeted, high-impact content experiences—78 percent of Rewards quiz takers complete quizzes, which told us that the motivation to compete was high. What we didn’t know was which topics would engage.

What are the best things about Bing?

The Bing platform is looking to entertain and offer more games to their users. Lately they are sharing with everybody incredible games, puzzles and quizzes so we can keep us entertained. It is a very interesting platform because most of their content is very educative and you can learn a lot about different subjects through it.

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