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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new on Bing Maps?

The Bing Maps Routing and Traffic Team is constantly working to make navigation and route planning easier! Hot on the heels of our previous announcement about traffic coloring, the Bing Maps team is proud to announce that we have made it possible for users to access traffic camera images along a planned driving route!

What is Bing Maps route planner?

There are quite a few route planning and navigation apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Mapquest. But there is one such route planner that people often forget about: the Bing Maps route planner. Bing Maps is one of the original route planning and navigation apps to be made available to us. Bing Maps came out at the same time as Google Maps.

What is Bing Maps' truck routing API?

Bing Maps’ Truck Routing API matches road limitations to your fleet’s particular requirements to help create routes free of delays, reroutes and obstructions. Fleet managers can create efficient routes and automate manual processes with this sophisticated API.

What are the benefits of Bing Maps?

Asset tracking – Track multiple agents across complex routes easily with Multi-Itinerary Optimization API Whether you’re on foot, in a personal car, commuting by transit, or transporting goods by commercial vehicle, the Bing Maps Platform has routing and route optimization services to meet your needs.

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