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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clear your bing image search history?

This is what to do: Navigate to the Bing homepage. Click on the four horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner. Click 'search history' once in the drop-down menu. On the next page, click 'clear search history' on the right-hand side. Your browsing history should now be deleted and your cache clear!

What is the easiest way to view your Bing search history?

The easiest way to view your Bing search history is to access the Bing search engine. Here are the detailed steps. Step 1: On the homepage of Bing, click the “ Settings and quick links ” icon at the top right corner. Step 2: In the pop-up menu, select Search history. Step 3: Now you can get the Bing search history page.

What happens when I clear my search history?

Important: If you delete Search history that’s saved to your Google Account, you can’t get it back. You can delete a specific activity, or delete your Search history from a specific day, a custom date range, or all time. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google app . At the top right, tap your Profile picture or initial Search history.

How do you delete your search history on different browsers?

To work around the problem, go to , sign in if necessary then scroll down to Search history, click on that -> Clear all search history Was this reply helpful?

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