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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you download Bing Pictures?

Open your web browser to the Bing webpage. Look for and click the button in the lower right hand corner of the webpage that looks like an arrow pointing at a horizontal line. This is the download button. Read the "riot act". Realize that Bing only intends this image to be used as wallpaper and nothing else.

Are Bing Images public domain?

This morning I learned from Tony Vincent that Bing has an option for finding public domain images. To access this setting go to Bing Images, enter your search term, then use the "license" menu to select public domain images. I've included a screenshot of the settings below.

How do you upload images to Bing?

That box is where you type or paste the URL of an image that you want to find more of online. To get an image’s URL, right-click on an online photo to bring up a menu. Choose "Copy image URL." Get back to Bing, and right-click on the box below "Upload an image," and click on "Paste."

How to search images Bing?

Find the image you want search for. You can upload any image to Bing Visual Search to find where else it's available online. If the image is not already saved to your computer or mobile device, download it now, or copy its URL to your clipboard. To download: Right-click or long-tap an image, then select Save Image As (the text may vary by browser). Follow the on-screen instructions to name and save the file.

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