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Frequently Asked Questions

How to win at 2048?

2048 Game Strategy - How to Always Win at 2048 Use only two directions (as much as possible) The tiles can be moved in 4 directions. They are up, right, down and left. ... Never move your tiles up! You should avoid moving your tiles up at all costs. ... Keep your tiles tidy. ... Focus on your goal: 2048. ... Combine aggressively downward. ... Other tips. ... The Payoff. ...

What is a "2048 combo"?

What is a " 2048 Combo "? It's a reference to the puzzle game 2048. It's a game, called 2048, which appeared on Hacker News last week and got a lot of people addicted. "What does " a good 2048 combination " mean? It means any number that, if it was in the game "2048", it could be combined into one single number.

What is the 2048 game?

2048 (video game) 2048 is a single-player sliding block puzzle game designed by Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli.

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