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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my sitelink extensions always be displayed alongside my ads?

Just because you’ve done your duty and created your sitelink extensions doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll always be served alongside your ads. Extensions are displayed at Google’s discretion. Advertisers have virtually no impact on which are displayed, if any.

What are sitelinks in Google AdWords?

Sitelinks are the king of all AdWords ad extensions. They are, by far, the most versatile extensions; they’re useful for accounts of all verticals, they appear on all devices and advertisers can use them to say just about anything. Even better, I’ve literally never encountered an account that didn’t yield higher CTRs once enabling these bad boys.

How do I improve my sitelink ad copy?

Check your sitelink landing pages regularly to ensure they are working links. Nowadays, there are many different ways to enhance your ad copy. Google’s added a whole slew of new extensions (structured snippets, callouts, etc.) and Expanded Text Ads are giving us nearly twice as much space to rave about our products.

What is the dynamic data sitelink extension?

Dynamic Data Sitelink Extension: Dynamic Data Sitelink Extensions make showcasing your products and services automatic — even when your inventory changes frequently. This extension makes it easy to update your search ads with one feed file to display up-to-date product information specific to customer searches.

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