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What movies were released in 1914?

(October 2021) A list of American films released in 1914 . William Garwood, Louise Lester, Jack Richardson, Vivian Rich. Harry von Meter Does It End Right? Pickford's first feature, survives only in an abridged version.

What were the best films of the 1910s?

25 Best Films of the 1910s. 1 1. The Birth of a Nation (1915) TV-PG | 195 min | Drama, History, War. 2 2. Posle smerti (1915) 3 3. Intolerance (1916) 4 4. The Cameraman's Revenge (1912) 5 5. Kitchener's Great Army in the Battle of the Somme (1916) More items

What happened in Gentlemen of Nerve (1914)?

Gentlemen of Nerve (1914) Error: please try again. Mabel and her beau go to an auto race and are joined by Charlie and his friend. As Charlie's friend is attempting to enter the raceway through a hole, the friend gets stuck and a policeman ...

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