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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Goyard Artois and the Saint Louis?

Like the Saint Louis, the Goyard Artois is a rectangular-shaped tote composed of goyardine canvas with sturdy thin shoulder straps available in two sizes (although the Artois comes in PM and MM and the Saint Louis is MM and GM). So what’s the difference? Structure, security and straps.

What is the difference between the Artois pm and the St Louis?

The Artois PM and MM sizes are slightly smaller than their St. Louis PM and GM sisters, which is why I still love my roomy St. Louis as a throw everything & my kitchen sink inside kinda tote. Weight: Still very lightweight since it’s mostly coated canvas, but not as light as the St. Louis

How much does the Artois mm cost?

What is the cost? The current price for the Artois MM is $2245. Is it worth the price? I feel like this is up to you! Is any designer bag actually worth the price?

Are Artois and Goyard totes the same size?

The Artois GM size has my Birkin 30 nesting inside here. The Artois comes in classic black all the special colors available by Goyard for an upcharge. Although to some, totes may seem interchangeable, Goyard’s two popular options differ in important aspects. Let’s compare feature by feature. Our model is 5’6″ and a size 10.

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