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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Stella Artois a good beer to drink?

Stella Artois is arguably one of the most ubiquitous beers in the bar scene. This Belgian lager has traveled all around the world and it would be safe to say that beerheads have a love-hate relationship with it. Those who love it, really love it.

What is Stella Artois doing to help clean up water?

Stella Artois reaffirmed its commitment to this effort with a multi-year extension of the “Buy a Lady a Drink” campaign with, co-founded by Matt Damon and Gary White. Through this partnership, they aim to help provide 3.5 million people with long-term, sustainable access to clean water by 2020.

What is a Stella Artois undercounter drinks chiller?

This undercounter drinks chiller features the Stella Artois logo printed in frosted white on the clear glass door, which makes it ideal for showing your mates what your favourite drink is!

How did Stella Artois get its name?

After many years of beer making, Brouwerji Artois produced a beer in 1926, which they named Stella. The word ‘Stella’ is Latin for star. The Stella beer was supposed to be a Christmas gift from the brewery to the people of Leuven.

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