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Frequently Asked Questions

How bright is the artograph inspire800 art projector?

I would think the Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector got inspiration for its name from its ability to provide 800 lumens of brightness. Another interesting feature of the Inspire800 projector is its enhanced contrast range. In fact, this projector’s contrast ratio is a whooping 100,000:1!

What's new with artograph art projectors?

A great line of Art Projectors gets even better! See the NEW Inspire1000 digital Art Projector by Artograph. The INSPIRE800™ Art Projector continues upgrading the Artograph projector line stepping up from the popular LED500 with 800 lumens of brightness and enhanced contrast range.

What makes the inspire800 different from the artograph flare100?

Much like the Artograph Flare100 projector, the Inspire800 is easily integrable with iPhones, iPads and smartphones. This means all artists need to have their art portfolio with them at all times is a USB or a flash drive. The Inspire800 has a wireless screensharing connectivity feature that works with both Windows and Android devices.

What is the inspire1000 projector?

The Inspire1000 is ideal for projecting photos and images for tracing, layout, and design of your artwork. For artwork of small to large portrait size, plus mid-sized indoor murals. Included are built-in grids in dozens of useful patterns for layout and design, available only with Artograph digital projectors.

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