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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy artograph products?

In the US, find Artograph products available from a variety of sellers on and

What is artartograph?

Artograph was founded in Minneapolis in 1947 by three innovative and creative entrepreneurs, They wanted to start a company that produced time-saving devices for artists and engineers. After many ideas, one of the men, a promising wildlife artist, suggested developing a projector to help him enlarge his wildlife photos onto a canvas.

What are the features of artograph digital projectors?

For artwork of extremely small size up to large portrait size. Included are built-in grids in dozens of useful patterns for layout and design, available only with Artograph digital projectors. Flip, reverse, rotate, grayscale, adjust color temperature and tonal values of your image.

What is the artograph flare150™ digital art projector?

The Flare150™ digital Art Projector from Artograph is the next step up from the popular Flare100, with enhanced brightness and greater resolution, still in a compact, portable size. The Flare150 is ideal for projecting photos and images for tracing, layout, and design of your artwork. For artwork of extremely small size up to large portrait size.

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