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Frequently Asked Questions

What does artisanal mean?

Definition of artisanal. 1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of an artisan artisanal skills artisanal ingredients. 2 : produced in limited quantities by an artisan through the use of traditional methods artisanal bread/cheese/wine also : creating a product in limited quantities by traditional methods an artisanal winery an artisanal cheese maker.

What is another word for artisanal?

Artisan is another word for a craftsman, or someone in a skilled trade who makes things by hand. Artisans could be: Carpenters (made furniture) Metal-workers. Jewelers (made jewelry) Painters (portrayed scenes of everyday life)

What are artisanal foods?

Artisanal food are crops that are produced in limited quantities using care to create a superior product.

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