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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our artisanal dry gin unique?

Our Artisanal Dry Gin was crafted in small batches with juniper berries and our unique, house-made botanical blend. Fresh lemon, lime and orange peel make our gin bright and refreshing, while our spice blend add complexity and depth. Best drank neat or on the rocks.

What makes Japanese gin so special?

The Japanese add traditional ingredients like yellow yuzu, bamboo, sencha tea, sakura flower, and green sansho peppercorns to their gins. This is what gives Japanese gin its unique taste. Besides their infusion of flavours, the exquisite bottles that Japanese gins come in make them stand out in the spirit market.

What is Ki no Bi gin?

As the first of its kind in Kyoto and Japan’s first distillery dedicated to artisanal gin, Ki No Bi is a beautiful representation of the city’s tradition and agricultural might. For starters, the gin is based on a rice spirit and made using water from the sake-brewing district of Fushimi.

What is the taste of gin?

The gin is softly aromatic, with warmth coming not just from the citrus but from cardamom and camomile as well. The finish, on the other hand, is a gentle spicy twist derived from a varied mix of other botanicals including fennel, black sesame, cedar, ginger and cinnamon.

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