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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with mypay army?

If you are in the Army or Air Force, you can use myPay to access your PSMC by visiting the “Statements” tab of your myPay account. Sailors and Marines can not access their PSMC with myPay. Sailors can generate a PSMC by entering basic information into the Department of Defense’s regular military compensation calculator.

How do I access my Army myPay account?

The proper sites are: myPay ( or link through the DFAS ( website. Lastly, make sure you manually type URLs into your browser as an extra precaution. Use a mobile app to manage your pay?

What are the benefits of using myPay Military?

Through Military myPay, they can manage their personal information and financials on a secure, 24/7 basis. It gives members the ability to process military pay transactions without the burden of filling out paper forms, scrounging up signatures for transaction approvals or making trips to the finance office.

What can you do with myPay?

MyPay gives you 24/7 access to process many of your own pay transactions without lengthy forms, approval signatures or bugging your finance office. You can retrieve your monthly leave and earnings statements (LES), set your TSP contributions and check on your retirement account. But myPay has a lot of other functionality as well.

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